For as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching for something that feeds my soul. Throughout college and beyond, I had a difficult time committing to one area of study or career direction. It wasn’t until I discovered growing that I felt emotionally complete.

My husband Chris and I bought an 1830 farmhouse in upstate NY a few years ago and have been tirelessly bringing it back to life since. I grew Café au Lait dahlias along the length of our one hundred foot barn the first year and fell in love. I had never grown anything before- not from seed, bulb, plug or tuber. My first dahlias brought so much joy to myself and everyone who saw them. After long days at the hospital working as a registered nurse, I would sprint to the barn to take in their beauty. I knew that I had to start living a flower-filled life. 

We married just outside of Zion National Park, Utah in 2019 and I had given full reign to my floral designer after seeing their whimsical creations in my search. When I received my bouquet, I couldn’t have been more in love. Flowers I’d never seen or heard of before in muted shades and filled with movement all blended beautifully. From that moment on, I poured all my energy and love into learning about flowers, design, and sustainable growing. Fleur Flower Farm was born. 
I am thrilled and humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response to my flowers and what I’ve created with them. Each is designed with an artful attention to detail and a romantic color story with all elements grown seasonally on our humble farm. I can’t wait to share them with you.

  Marlee, signature, owner of Fleur flower farm