It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog…like 2.5 years! As I’m sitting on my couch at 5am two days before my third tuber sale, I’m feeling like putting some words together before I head to my day job.

Yes, I’m still working full time outside of flowers! I’m a surgical nurse and supervisor at a busy oral surgery practice and I work five days a week. Back in 2020 when I started this flower farm I had big dreams to someday stay home with the flowers. That is still a dream of mine, but I also need the benefits that come with a job job. I’ve taken on a lot of responsibility at this job over the past year and with it comes less time for flowers and a bit more mental exhaustion.

In 2022 I flowered five small weddings- all went fabulously, but took a toll on my stress level! You try to put your flowers into a timeline and estimate dates when they will be ready to cut and then the imbalance in our seasons says no. I learned a lot and am proud of what I created with flowers that year, but ultimately decided that until I’m working a bit less, I won’t be doing wedding work.

For the 2023 season, I decided to focus more on dahlias alone. I wanted to give them my full attention and let’s be honest, it’s what the people want! I got back to enjoying the flowers and made sure I had flowers filling my home each day. I put less stress on selling them and more time enjoying them. Was it my most profitable season? No. Was that ok? Yes! I was able to focus a bit on landscaping, tending to my roses, take an afternoon once in awhile to go paddleboarding, and not be a slave to the farm.

Now, it’s somehow 2024 and my fourth season with flowers. I’m continuing to focus on dahlias and of course, Floret’s special zinnias like the rest of you. I am getting anxious for my sale this weekend- so much to do! I have to do a final inventory and make sure my website is race ready to go for Saturday and the only hours I have available are the next two evenings after long days at work. Each tuber has been carefully dug up, brought to storage, washed, divided, labeled by hand, and tucked away into bins by me. I’ve never counted the hours spent doing this all season and I probably shouldn’t hahah. Just know when you buy tubers from Fleur Flower Farm, you are supporting someone who needed flowers to find herself. Someone who struggled with depression and anxiety and finally put her hands in the dirt. Someone who pours all of her energy into each tuber and is trying to get ahead in life. Each time you purchase tubers you’re supporting my dream of full time flower farming.

Come Saturday at noon, I’ll be sitting at my computer anxiously waiting for sale time just like you. I may not have hundreds of varieties or all the unicorns, but the collection I offer is one that I’m proud of and some of the most gorgeous dahlias that I love to grow. So much thought and design goes into my website and I hope you love it as much as I do! I see every one of you and I’m so grateful!


Happy Dahlia Days 🩷

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Hi Marlee!

Two years ago I stumbled upon your instagram and I HAD to start a cut flower garden. A nursing student and mom (with a third arriving soon), I knew I finally found something I could do for me. You were so kind when I reached out about what flowers to start with and I have been completely in love with gardening since. It has been so nice to look forward to this each spring and share my flowers with neighbors and friends. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I cant wait to shop your tuber sale again this year! Best of luck to you with your sale. – Lauren