When we decided to buy our 1830 farmhouse, a flower farm never crossed my mind. The focus was on the rotting wood siding that had been untouched for over one hundred years. The closed off second floor had a hawk living in it and a thick layer of fossilized pigeon waste, decorated with carcasses of mice, birds, and other unknowns. The stench of an old, unkempt house and a toilet laying on its side. The burst pipes and old stone basement full of stagnant water. The asbestos floor tiles throughout the house and crumbling lath and plaster walls. The overgrown land that was begging for a manicure. 

Through the thick layers of spider webs and rot we could squint and see something pretty magical. If you look just past the house, we could see six acres of gorgeous green. Three perfectly-spaced, majestic maple trees leading your eyes to fields of hay. A long pole barn with endless possibilities. We could see our future children running past the barn and swinging under the trees. We saw a great place for gatherings of family and friends. Bones of a house that had hand hewn beams and a gorgeous stone foundation. And a flower farm behind the maples! Right?! No. This still hadn’t crossed my mind. 

We could do all the work, it just was going to take time, patience, and a few bottles of wine along the way. During this time we were also planning our wedding and living with Chris’s mom while we started the long demo process. I was in nursing school and putting in long hours studying and preparing for my boards. Needless to say, we had a lot going on. 

Three years later, we have some wild stories to tell about our journey to this point and the muck has begun to clear. Our vision is coming to life and I can’t wait to share it with you! 


Next up: Flower Colored Glasses 

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Amazing blog !! thanks for sharing…

Ogallala Farm

It has been a joy to watch the transformation!

Regina Berninger

Hi Marlee,
I love your story! From nurse to flower orchard proprietor.. that’s amazing! You must have had a very strong vision.
After 30 years of being an aesthetician, I am seriously considering going to get my floral design certification at NY Botanical Garden- Wanted to ask you if you went to design school or did you just “wing it” ☺️ You are sooo talented

Laura Tsudome